Learning is supposed to be fun!

You will notice that your child learns faster during preschool years than they will at any other time in the future. Our age-appropriate programs are designed to make sure your preschooler gets the most out of these early years. Our programs (combined with lots of love and attention!) will have a positive effect that will carry into your child’s later schooling years.

The goal of Mother Goose Preschool is to prepare children for kindergarten, and many years of education down the road. We want your child to graduate with a love for school and excited to continue learning. Our curriculum is tailored day-to-day to meet each child’s needs. They will refine their motor skills, engage in social activities, and learn about their community in addition to other important basics.


Our classes are small, so that each child receives one-on-one attention and can develop friendships with the other children. During class time, your child will learn through fun songs, reading and writing activities, basic sign language, games, and crafts. In class, your child will learn to recognize their written name, to read and write, to count, to do basic math, and more!


We know how special your children are; we have our own little ones. Each of our teachers are mothers with experience in teaching young children. There are two teachers in each class to ensure that your child receives personal attention and guidance during class time activities. We are always around to discuss how your child is doing, and tell you about their new friendships.